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5 Mutually Beneficial Ways You Can Give Back

If you’re one of those people who always wants to help but is paralyzed by the number of organizations asking for donations, welcome to the club! Tack on the fact that not all organizations are as charitable as they claim to be, and bring on a case of decision paralysis. Nobody wins.

But thanks to technology and innovative thinking, these five organizations are flipping the traditional “please donate your money so we can go do good things” model on it’s head by offering savvy and creative donation generation opportunities while also creating a mutually beneficial arrangement, either through increasing transparency so you get to see the good you’ve done, making the nebulous more tangible, or creating mutually beneficial arrangements.

Its a win-win: they’re able to  generate the funds required to help propel their noble mission forward, and you can feel great about your investment.

1. Swell Investing

Does the idea of making money by investing in positive progress excite you? It sure peaked my interest! Swell Investing is a unique investment platform that allows you to buy portions of shares of public companies that are committed to renewable energy, clean water, green tech, zero waste or global health. You choose your preferred focus, such as “Zero Waste”, and it sets you up with an investment portfolio, improving the financial strength of the company while you profit from their growth. Have a little  Pretty cool way to pitch in and do good!

  • Investment Level: As little as $50, with a .75% annual investment fee. Or as they put it: If you invest $500, Swell will cost you $3.75 per year. That’s less than a fancy coffee.
  • Effort Level: It took me 5 minutes to configure a portfolio and transfer funds from my bank account.
  • What You Get: A stock investment that hopefully grows significantly over time as long as the world keeps getting better!
  • What They Get: Continued investment so they can grow their impact.

Check out Swell Investing >>

Heifer International

2. Heifer Foundation

Have you ever wanted to buy a cow or goat? Ok well even if you haven’t, wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy one for a community that needs help creating a stable food source and economic boost? $10 allows you to buy a portion of a goat, cow or water buffalo for a community that will be transformed by the ability to create a food source and economic opportunities.

  • Investment Level: As little as $10
  • Effort Level: Select your ‘gift’ and checkout
  • What you get: Anything from a full heart to a stuffed animal, depending on your gift type
  • What they get: Economic stability for the lives of communities that are struggling to survive

Browse gifts at Heifer International >>

Karma Candle Club

3. Karma Candle Club

Who doesn’t love candles? Now you can bask in that peaceful glow feeling great about your contribution to a charity of your choice, with a monthly ambiance replenishment to look forward to

  • Investment Level: Starting at $10 per month
  • Effort Level: Add to card and checkout
  • What you get: A lovely monthly delivery of lovely scents and a bracelet representing your charity of choice
  • What they get: For each purchase, Karma Candle Club donates to a charity of your choosing

Browse Karma Candle Club >>

Lotto Love

4. Lotto Love

Looking for a fun gift for that philanthropic or “they already have everything” loved one? Give them the gift of luck – with fun lottery tickets that add a little surprise and delight to the concept of gifting a donation on someone’s behalf.

  • Investment Level: As little as $20 for two lotto cards and a greeting card
  • Effort Level: Add to card and checkout
  • What you get: A clever and meaningful gift for your philanthropic loved one
  • What they get: The fun of a scratcher with the joy of a charitable donation being made on their behalf

Get your Lotto Love scratchers >>

Sevenly Logo

5. Sevenly

Sevenly launches seven day campaigns that promote awareness and generate funds for noble causes. With incredible artists creating inspired custom designs to promote each campaign, their products are a wonderful gift for yourself or any tender hearted soul.

  • Investment Level: As little as $10
  • Effort Level: Add to card and checkout
  • What you get: A lovely item that will always reflect the cause you chose to support
  • What they get: A donation to the cause you chose to support

Check out Sevenly’s stylish apparel >>

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