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5 Charitable Campaigns Making It Impossibly Simple to Give Back

Sometimes our hearts are in the right place, but life gets in the way of the charitable contributions we envision ourselves making.  Schedules, expenses, the list goes on – I get it! All we need is an easy way for our everyday habits to do good and contribute to charities and non-profits… if only such a thing existed… we’ve got news for you: it does!

Here’s our top five charitable giving campaigns that are making it easier than ever for busy folks like us to do good just going about our everyday lives:

1. Amazon Smile

If you rely on Amazon Prime to get through life and you haven’t started using Amazon Smile, you’re in for a real treat. It’s basically the same good ol’ Amazon, only you get to choose a charitable organization for the AmazonSmile Foundation to donate 0.5% of the purchase price (of eligible products) to. This charity shopping program may be mowing down retailers left and right in taking over the ecommerce space… but it’s convenience and dominance in product selection are tough to resist – so at least we can feel a little better about our purchases!

Shop with Amazon Smile & generate donations >>


2. Charity Miles

Do you love to get out and go for a job or walk, or are you looking for some extra motivation to keep up the habit. Charity Miles is your ticket! Just download the app and get moving – the more miles you log, the more you earn for your charity of choice.

Get moving & do good with Charity Miles >>



3. Altruisto

Do good while shopping online, that’s Altruisto’s tagline and it’s truly that simple. All you need to do is install a Google Chrome extension (if you’re still using Internet Explorer, just download Chrome – you’ll be better off for it anyway!), and when you buy something online, people in extreme poverty will automatically benefit from your purchase which will contribute towards allowing them access to medicines, bed nets, or financial aid.

Shop & do good with Altruisto >>


4. Facebook Fundraising

Got a birthday coming up and want to use the attention you’ll be showered with to raise awareness and funds for a just cause? Facebook fundraisers is the way to go!

Get started with Facebook Fundraisers >>


Tab for a Cause

Tab for a Cause

5.  Tab for a Cause

Do you get comments from people for how many tabs you keep open on your work computer? Then do we have an app for you! Tab for a Cause donates to  charity for every tab you open. So you just keep multi-tasking away and now noone can judge you for it!

Check out Tab for a Cause >>

Looking for charitable brands to purchase from? Browse our favorites! >>

Hope we’ve helped make it just a tad easier for you to fit doing some good into your daily routine 🙂

Did we miss any great charitable campaigns or tools? Please do share in the comments below!

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