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Good Podcasts: The Run-Down

Since much of the Good Everything inspiration and information comes from hours of Podcasts listened to during morning and evening commutes, it seemed only reasonable to give them their due credit and pass along the recommendations. So here goes!

Smart, insightful and thought-provoking

  • The Tim Ferris Show – through interviews with incredibly smart and successful people, Tim Ferris uncovers their life hacks and what they’ve learned along the way.
  • TED Radio Hour – if you’ve ever enjoyed a TED Talk, you’ll love this Podcast. A combination of clips from popular TED Talks, supplemented by interview with the presenters, TED Radio Hour episodes talks across similar themes and weaves them into informative and insightful episodes.
  • Waking Up with Sam Harris – with a critical and analytical lens, Sam Harris interviews experts to dive deep into the most controversial and complex topics. Make sure your brain is fully engaged, and be prepared to rewind now and then to keep up.
  • Experts on Expert with Dax Sheppard – a sub-set if the Armchair Expert Podcast (see below), this series includes interviews with super smart people in a very approachable and light-hearted format.

Thoughtful, introspective and enlightening

  • Oprah Super Soul Conversations – in typical Oprah form, these interviews are engaging and inspirational.
  • Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard – hosted by DaxShepard, Kristen Bell’s husband and writer/actor of mainly comedy flicks, but also an ex-addict with an interesting story, a growth mindset and a self deprecating yet light humor that is endlessly entertaining. He interviews famous people with interesting and sometimes very different perspectives, modeling healthy discourse and genuine love of all people.


  • How I Built This – learn the little-known stories behind well-known brands and companies from the founders.
  • Side Hustle School – I consider this Podcast How I Built This – Light, these are quick 10-minute episodes sharing stories from everyday people who have decided to try and build a business in their spare time, i.e. as a side hustle versus as a full-time commitment. If you’re eager to start a business while you keep your current job, this is a great source of inspiration and handy little soundbites.

Have some favorites of your own that belong in this list?

Share in the comments below and I’ll take them for a test drive (quite literally, will listen while I’m driving to work) and update accordingly!

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