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Everlane // Men’s Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew | Uniform T-Shirt by Everlane in Black


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A long-sleeve tee designed for serious wear. Raglan sleeves keep the stitching off your shoulders and give the heavier fabric a sweatshirt-like look appropriate to the fabric weight. Speaking of fabric this tee is made of 6.2 oz cotton in a dense durable knit with a dry feel that will get softer over the years to come. Men’s Premium-Weight Long-Sleeve Crew Neck | Uniform T-Shirt by Everlane in Black, Size XXL



Everlane believes we can all make a difference. They partner with the highest quality ethical factories around the world and source only the finest materials so your clothing can last for years. But what's really radical about their approach is that they reveal the true costs behind all of their products—from materials to labor to transportation. They call it radical transparency.  

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Affordability  |[star rating="4"]

  • Women's jeans are $68

Earth-Friendly  |[star rating="4"]

Charitable Giving  | Unknown

Social Good  | N/A - not a core brand pillar beyond fair trade focus

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