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Ugly Produce. Delivered.

Did you know more than 20% of the fruits and vegetables grown in America never make it off the farm because they aren’t perfect enough for grocery store standards? 

Imperfect Produce fights food waste by sourcing directly from farms what stores may deem “ugly” (yet perfectly edible) and other overstocked or soon-to-expire goods and delivers them to your home, fresh and ready to enjoy.

It’s so simple: you sign up, choose how much you want to spend on each box and how frequently you want to receive it (weekly or biweekly), and then wait for an email allowing you to select what items you want in your box. And all for about 30% less than what you would spend in store.

What’s more: Imperfect Produce donates thousands of pounds of produce each week to food banks and nonprofits fighting hunger.

Sold yet? Sign up from this link to get $10 off your first box.

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