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Has Sustainable Fashion Gone Mainstream?

When I began this sustainable fashion mission, I was primarily surfacing little-known sustainable fashion brands paving the way towards a more planet-friendly future. And I had to dig pretty deep to surface ethical fashion brands for a while there. But when recent research led me to a article, “11 Fashion Companies Leading The Way In Sustainability” I got a little excited – and for a few reasons. 


First, because most of the sustainable brands listed have been represented here at GoodEverything for quite some time. Rothys, TenTree, Everlane, Reformation, Pact Apparel were some of the first ethical fashoin brands added to our shop. So pleased to see them getting such mainstream attention, and proud to think I may have helped contribute to their early growth.


But most of all, it’s wonderful to see sustainable fashion companies becoming widely accepted and welcomed by the masses. The larger the company, the bigger the impact of such a change. So kudos to H&M, Levi’s and Eileen Fisher for prioritizing our planet.


The Forbes article mentions a survey in which 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmentally friendly. No more is it a hippy trend to seek out more thoughtfully produced goods. And the more discussion on the topic, the more we will see larger companies following suit. 



Here are a few other big brands making headlines with their sustainable product lines and initiatives: 


Adidas releases shoe line made from recycled ocean plastic

Parley Ocean Plastic® is created from upcycled marine plastic waste that is intercepted on remote islands, beaches and in coastal communities. More about how Adidas and Parley have teamed up to help end plastic waste through the power of sport here. Back in 2019, Adidas by Stella McCartney collaborated with Evrnu and Bolt Threads to develop a biodegradeable shoe line, and they just keep bringing more good stuff to the table. Keep it up Adidas!


Heineken replaces plastic multi-pack rings with recyclable cardboard 

Per, Heineken has assured its customers that their new cardboard rings are just as sturdy as the old plastic ones. For 50 years, those old plastic rings contributed to the plastic waste crisis. Thanks to Heineken, we may soon be putting those days behind us – hopefully other companies follow suit!


This is just a sampling of headlines I’ve recently surfaced. And there’s so many more sustainable fashion brands out there helping to drive this change. All indicators are showing that we may finally be reaching a new era of corporate sustainability. Thanks to consumer demand driving more ethical business management – and thanks to conscious consumers like yourself!


What other large brands are you seeing follow suit?  

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