New Good Approved Brand: Public Goods

New Good-Approved Brand: Public Goods

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Like us at Good Everything, Public Goods believes that our collective small choices can make a big impact. And they’re bringing a solid solution with a broad selection of natural and sustainable products for the household at a reasonable price. Their products are free of parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals, and unnecessary additives. Plus, every shipment is carbon offset with bottles made from sugarcane and simple, minimal packaging and a tree planted for every order.


Public Goods offers a wide range of sustainable beauty products and personal care such as soaps and moisturizers, in addition to sustainable grocery items to keep your pantry full. Plus their sustainable household items, like cleaners and linens can keep your home fresh and toxin-free. And you can even keep your medicine cabinet stocked up with vitamins and supplements – all from natural and sustainable ingredients. They really are a one-stop shop for conscious consumers looking to shop responsibly without having to order from many different shops.


I liken Public Goods to a Thrive Market meets Package Free – if you’re familiar with either of those brands (both great options as well!) – as they have broader product offering but similar sustainable focus to Package Free, with a membership model akin to Thrive Market. The Public Goods members-only marketplace is free to try for 14 days, then $79/year thereafter.


While I love getting my TP from Who Gives a Crap (if you haven’t checked them out, just do it – you won’t regret it!) and pantry essentials from Imperfect Foods, a one-stop-shop to cover the rest of my household goods will be a great addition to my conscious consumer shopping options.

Visit to shop their full selection of sustainable and natural products.

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