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5 Sustainable Box Subscriptions to Keep You Stocked During Covid Quarantine

Thank goodness for box subscriptions throughout these unprecedented times, but sustainable box subscriptions?! Yup, they exist, and they’re AMAZING!


When you’re on quarantine, running a quick errand can be quite a pain, if not impossible. And when they run out of every essential item you need (aka paper), things can get quite interesting. I feel very grateful for the luxury of subscription deliveries enabling my family to remain comfortable at home during these otherwise trying times. Huge shoutout to the delivery workers who have allowed us to avoid the germs and crazies at the store!


So here are my top recommendations for sustainable subscriptions that will help you maintain a little bit of your sanity through the Coronavirus quarantine season:

who gives a crap logo

Keep your bathroom stocked with a Who Gives a Crap TP subscription

Who Gives a Crap offers tree-free paper products including 100% recycled or 100% bamboo toilet paper and tissues, and bamboo/sugarcane-based paper towels.

  • The sustainable benefit: In addition to being tree-free, Who Gives a Crap donates 50% of profits to help build toilets in impoverished areas across the world.
  • The quarantine benefit: I never knew how valuable this subscription would be until I saw all my friends scrambling to find toilet paper in the stores while I still had cabinets full. And my next delivery wasn’t until next month.
  • How to sign up: Schedule your first Who Gives a Crap delivery and have your TP delivered right to your door. Though they used to be a little-known secret, this toilet paper scurry has them sold out, but hopefully they will be replenished soon!

Imperfect Produce Logo

Skip the dreaded grocery store run with an Imperfect Foods subscription

Imperfect Foods offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly box deliveries of fresh produce. From your staple apples and carrots to pantry items, meats and seafoods, various unusual drink options and seasonal fruits and veggies that you may not always find at the grocery store.

  • The sustainable benefit: Imperfect Foods is committed to reducing food waste by buying up surplus, cosmetically imperfect, or otherwise unsellable produce and grocery items. All of their items are sustainably sourced and they donate thousands of pounds of food each week to nonprofits across the country.
  • The quarantine benefit: Our unusual family favorites are the romanesque broccoli and shiitaki mushrooms. During this crazy quarantine, we’ve developed a new fondness for the staples they offer as it’s allowed us to avoid having to go to the grocery store at all for the past two weeks.
  • How to sign up: Head over to and sign up for your first box. You get to customize your box in advance, and it’s always a fun surprise to sift through the different options each time.


Keep the laundry going with a Dropps eco-friendly laundry detergent subscription

Dropps is a subscription laundry detergent service that provides zero waste laundry pods with no unnecessary fillers or dyes, shipped in eco-responsible packaging with carbon neutral shipping.

  • The sustainable benefit: Dropps makes it easy to do your part in reducing single use plastic waste by doing away with the heavy plastic jugs that are piling up in our landfills in favor of biodegradable laundry pods. Plus, their plant-based ingredients ensure your laundry isn’t adding to water contamination, they don’t test on animals, and their packaging is all recyclable and compostable.
  • The quarantine benefit: No need to hit the store when you’re running low on laundry detergent. Just adjust your Dropps shipment date accordingly and the package arrives at your doorstep with a few days.
  • How to sign up: Set your laundry detergent preferences and subscription frequency at and you’ll get your carbon neutral Dropps shipment within a few days
Butcher Box

Butcher Box

Step up your dinner menu with a ButcherBox subscription

Somehow my husband and I have fallen into the traditional “man brings home the meat, woman harvests the produce” roles. I’ve been stocking up our weekly Imperfect Produce deliveries, and my husband added a Butcher Box subscription to round out our meal-cooking options. We’re big on home-cooked meals even when we’re not sheltering in place, so having a variety of quality meat options allows us to maintain some sense of normalcy.

  • The sustainable benefit: They offer sustainably sourced high-quality, humanely raised 100% grass-fed beef and organic free-range chicken. All with no antibiotics or added hormones.
  • The quarantine benefit: Our new Butcher Box subscription allows us to stay away from stores by delivering to our door high-quality sustainable meat so we can maintain our regular delicious meal-cooking routine (though I can’t really take this credit – hubby works magic in the kitchen).
  • How to sign up: Visit and join the waitlist to get in the queue for a monthly subscription. 

Alltrue logo

Treat yourself with an All True subscription

Alltrue (previously known as CAUSEBOX) is a seasonal box subscription that delivers 6-8 curated items from socially conscious brands to your door once a season.

  • The sustainable benefit: With a tagline like “All good things”, Alltrue is raising the bar for socially conscious brands while also increasing exposure for these small brands that deserve to be coveted for their noble causes and environmental attentiveness.
  • The quarantine benefit: These beautiful sustainable, eco-friendly and fair trade goods are lovely. And you can feel great knowing you supported a brand that deserves your patronage.
  • How to sign up: Visit to sign up for your first box. And FYI they really aren’t exaggerating about the $200+ value for only $49.95. I’ve been stunned at the quality of the goods I have received every box so far.


What brands or services are helping you weather your quarantine?


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