Top Picks for The Socially Conscious VSCO Girl

I admittedly learned what a VSCO Girl is from a 9-year old this week.

I looked it up, and what do you know, apparently I’m nearly one. I wasnt sure how to feel about it at first but hey – minus the scrunchies and random phrases (Tik Tok isn’t my thing) – being connected to nature and wanting to save the turtles is something to be proud of! 

So here’s to the VSCO Girls – and here are our favorite picks from socially conscious and ethical brands to build your own VSCO Girl uniform.

(Not up with the VSCO Girl trend yet? Like I said, I just learned this week so here’s a quick read to get you all caught up.)


1. Reusable Water Bottles

Every VSCO Girl is committed to sustainability and reducing plastic waste with a stylish and sustainable reusable water bottle. A popular choice is the Hydroflask, complete with stickers that represent your traveling and earth-loving spirit, but they can come at a hefty price tag. Instead, we recommend:

Kleen Kanteen Stainless Bottle – $15.95

The Kleen Kanteen water bottle is made of 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel.

27oz (800ml) Klean Kanteen Water Bottle (Orig. $17.95 - $19.95, On Sale $15.95 - $17.95)


Glass Bottles from Faucet  Face – $12

Faucet Face glass and stainless steel water bottles reduce plastic water bottle waste, plus Faucet Face donates 2.5% of all sales to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA),


2. Pura Vida Bracelets & Wave Rings

Accessories that harken back to the free-spirited flower headband 60s, but with a minimalist and modern twist, Pura Vida jewelry is a popular pick for VSCO Girls. 

Pura Vida Wave Ring – $12

Through their Charity collection, Pura Vida Bracelets has partnered with charities around the world to donate over $1.7 million to worthy causes. Check out their Charity Collection to Save the Dolphins, Fight Breast Cancer, and more. 

Pura Via Wave Ring


Pura Vida  Key West Bracelet Pack – $45

Key West Pack


3. High-Waisted Jeans

The true VSCO girl is active, health-conscious, and typically physically fit – preferring to show off that small waist and cute behind with high-waisted jeans for the fall and winter, and shorts in the summer.

The Ileana High Rise from ABLE – $148

ABLE is an ethical fashion brand focused on providing opportunities for impoverished women in Ethiopia, Mexico and Peru. By creating opportunities where these women can earn fair wages

The Ileana High Rise


4. Oversized Tees

Any comfy loose tee will do. The VSCO Girl strives for comfort and ease, while maintaining a look of blissful self-care through careful accessorizing and skincare routines.

Elephant Tee from Rice Love – $28

Help feed a starving family in India with a tee from Rice Live, whose mission is to do good for people and the planet by giving a kilo of rice to a family in need for every item made.

Tee - Premium Tri-Blend - Elephant

100% Human Tee from Everlane – $22

For every limited-edition pink 100% Human product sold, Everlane donates $5 to Equality Now—which has been fighting to promote equal rights for women.

5. Canvas Backpacks

The most popular VSCO girl unicorn includes a Fjällräven backpack, but they tend to retail for $80 and I can’t vouch for their socially conscious reputation. But these are similar and produced by ethical brands.

Packable Backpack by Everlane – $35


6. Metal or Glass Reusable Straws

For the VSCO Girl with a passion for saving the sea turtles, traveling with a reusable straw is a must to ensure you never have to grab a plastic straw on the go.

Glass Straw from Ecolunchbox – $34

ECOlunchbox Accessories Glass Drinking Straws (Set of 4 + cleaning brush)

What are YOUR favorite socially conscious VSCO Girl?l favorites? Share with us in the comments below!

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