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Killing Plastic: 4 Inspiring Eco-Friendly Companies

Did You Know? Plastics are the #1 type of trash found in the sea today.
And every year an estimated 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean

We’ve all seen the horrible photos of sea creatures turning up ashore with bellies full of trash, it’s truly heartbreaking. But there’s hope!

While many companies are finding ways to innovate through recycling plastic waste, others are developing eco-friendly plastic alternatives altogether.

Let’s get behind these businesses that are paving the way towards a more sustainable, less wasteful future:

  1. Newly

  2. With beautiful home goods such as their Tria Serving Board and cozy cross throw blanket, Newly is committed to sustainability through 100% recycled or repurposed materials – proving that beautiful products can in fact be made from recycled goods.

    Browse Newly Products @

  3. Pela Case Phone Cases

  4. Cute, simple and practical, Pela Case offers eco-friendly phone cases that are made of flax straw, making them 100% compostable. Plus, they donate a portion of their revenue to environmental non-profit organizations.

    Buy It: Pela Case Turtle Conservation Phone Case

  5. Bureo Skateboards

  6. Leave it to the surfers to find fun and creative ways to restore their favorite habitat. The Founders of Bureo–meaning “the waves” in Mapuche–set up a fishnet collection and recycling program called Net Positiva to ‘catch’ 6,600 tons of abandoned fishing nets to produce skateboards, sunglasses, surf fins and frisbees. Starting around $150, these fun products make a big impact.

    Buy It: Bureo Skateboards Complete Minnow Cruiser

  7. 4Ocean Bracelets

These super cute and inexpensive bracelets pull a major punch with a pound of plastic harvested for each bracelet.

Buy It: 4Ocean Signature Blue Bracelet

What are your favorite recycled plastic and plastics alternative companies and products? She with us in the comments below!

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