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How to Help California Fire Victims

Our hearts collectively broke with each news release of the Camp Fire that decimated the entire town of Paradise, CA in October 2018, along with the simultaneous Woolsey fire in Southern California that . For locals, it was like an awful version of deja vu, recalling the Napa fires that took so many homes just a year prior. And a frightening reality we are coming to learn may be the new normal for our beloved state.

While we all want to help, us Californians are sadly no longer rookies to coping with the carnage left by destructive wildfires, and have learned the tough lesson that some ‘help’ is just not very helpful in crises such as these.

So I reached out to my friend Alex Sickinger who knows first-hand how difficult these times are on those impacted by wildfires, having lost her own Santa Rosa family home in the 2017 Tubbs Fire along with 2,800 others. Alex has been acutely aware of the impact these disasters can have on communities and the individuals directly effected and was generous enough to provide us with some practical tips on how we can really help in lifting up the community of Paradise through these difficult times. Her input is coming soon!

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